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Why Writers Choose Zion


At Zion we know our writers want more than a book. They want their words nestled in a work of art. They want to love the way the book with their name on the cover looks and feels and invites the reader in.

     Now, more than ever before, the fate of a book is in the hands of the author. Our writers have taken the initiative and chosen independent publishing as their path. By choosing Zion, these writers partner with publisher and designer Mary Nilsen in the creation of their book. 

     Here at Zion, we respect the vision of authors for their book at every stage of development. We will keep working until our authors are completely satisfied.

What Zion Offers Writers


You have a manuscript that is close to ready. You have given it to trusted readers to comment on and you have considered their ideas. Now you are looking for a business engaged in publishing books. 

     At Zion you will find a professional and patient friend who will calmly walk you through the publishing maze, answering all questions and making helpful suggestions about editing content. Final control always rests with you, the writer, and you also retain the copyright.

     Whether in person or over the Internet, you, working with the publisher, are a part of every decision at every stage of the process. Changes in copy can always be made.  

     You have likely spent years working on  your manuscript. With Zion at your side, that creative work can become a book in weeks. In addition, you will retain all the rights and pocket all the profits from your book.

What Will This Cost Me?


Because of changes in technology, Zion is able to offer writers two price options for the production of their book. The baseline cost for Option A is $800 and for Option B is $1,200.

     The difference between Option A and Option B is in the choices available to the author. Option A has limited choices in terms of size of the book, interior design and the number of photographs that can be included.

     After your book is ready and has been uploaded for distribution on Amazon and/or other retailers, you will be able to purchase your book for a fraction of the sale price (which you will help to set). Because these books are print on demand, you only need buy what you can sell on your own website and through any institution or organization of which you are a part.

     In other words, while you have specific upfront costs, as soon as your book production is finished, all profits from the sale of your book will go to you, the author.

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